Different Salon Chair Designs!
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Salon chairs have varying designs depending on its purpose:

Reclining chair

This chair is reclined so that the hair stylist can wash the client’s hair over a sink without having water splashed into his/her face. It can also be used for giving facial treatments and other procedures that require the client to face upwards.

Styling chair

The styling chair is for trimming, shaving, styling, coloring, and other functions that can be done with the customer sitting straight. It looks like a regular chair but it often has an adjustable seat.

Swivel chair

A chair that can be swiveled gives the stylist greater access to all sides of a person’s hair without having to walk around him/her. This speeds up the styling session.

With adjustable seats

Salons often receive individuals that have varying heights and leg lengths. Adjustable parts make it easier for the client to sit comfortably in the chair. These have hydraulic pumps that are manipulated via levers.

Child booster seats with safety straps

These are for kids who are too small to fit in the normal-sized chairs. The straps protect them from falling and prevent them from leaving the chair while they’re receiving a haircut.

Dryer chairs

Dryer chairs are those that are made specifically for drying the hair. Sometimes the drying equipment is attached directly to it.

Task chairs

A task chair can be a stool or a specially designed seat for specific tasks such as pedicures and massages.


A stool is smaller than the other chairs mentioned above. Its body is composed of a circular seat and a low backrest.

Reception chairs

These are chairs that can be found in other places aside from salon. Their main use is for receiving customers and giving them seats while waiting for their services.

All purpose

The all-purpose chair is popular with salons because of its versatility and cost-effectiveness. These usually cost more than regular chairs.

These are only some of the different designs of salon chairs. You will find more varieties in shops that sell salon furniture.

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